1934-2014 Celebrating 80 Years

Michael House a Steiner Waldorf School and Rowans Day Nursery are situated near Ilkeston, Heanor and Shipley, in their own woodland, adjoining the seven hundred acres of beautiful landscape that make up Shipley Country Park in Derbyshire.

The school, kindergarten and nursery provide a complete education from birth through to 16 years, and is one of over a thousand organisations around the world which educates children according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner.

Rowans Day Nursery accepts Early Years Vouchers.

Childhood is the most important time of our lives. The experiences, feelings and education of our early years will greatly colour and shape the adults we go on to become and the part we play in the world.

Our primary task is to provide an environment and education that will allow our pupils to become creative, responsible and confident adults who are more than equipped to face the many challenges of life.

An Assisted Fee Scheme is also available.

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Open Evening

The next Open Evening is on Friday 2nd May, 2014 from 6pm – 8pm.  Everyone who is interested in the Kindergarten and the School for their children is most welcome.

Guided Tour

The next guided tour is on Tuesday 13th May from 8:15am to 12 noon.  You can join the tour up till 9:30am.  Please book you place by contacting the school.

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Summer Fair Poster

This years Summer Fair is on 21st June!