Community Day on Sunday 29th January

As you will all be aware, there is an Open Day this Sunday between 1pm and 4pm, and as usual the Garden Club organise a Community Day to coincide with it, in order to prepare the gardens, and also because its nice for prospective families to witness us working together as a community.

The Community Day usually starts around 11am and volunteers can come for as long as they wish and usually arrive when they wish, but please note we will not be staying much longer than 2 hours this time.

The focus this month will be filling the tyres with all the mulch that we have in preparation for planting, the idea being that we’ll fill the tyres with flowers and have them blooming and looking fabulous for the summer term. We are low on workable wheelbarrows, so if anyone who comes to help is able to bring a wheelbarrow to transport mulch from the compost heaps to the tyres, then that would be greatly appreciated.

If barrowing mulch isn’t you thing, then please feel free to come and attend to any little jobs that have either been niggling you, or that you just plain fancy doing!

We look forward to seeing you there,

The Garden Club

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